Who can use the WhisperSLYDE®?

The WhisperSlyde® is designed to be used by anyone. It can be implemented in PT clinics, fitness centers, and home users.

I developed a new therapy with the WhisperSLYDE®. How can I share it?

You can submit innovative therapies through our Facebook page. All posts will be reviewed before being made public.

Which bands should I use to achieve specific resistances?

Check out our force guide for band combinations.

How can I order a WhisperSLYDE®?

It’s easy!  Simply click here and select the items you wish to order.  The online ordering system will walk you through the selection process and you pay by credit card. You do not need a PayPal account to pay through PayPal.

Are WhisperSLYDE®’s available for rent?

Clinics all across the USA make WhisperSLYDE available for rent.  The cost is about $2.00 per day on a monthly rental basis (may vary by location).  This is a terrific way for people who need recovery therapy to do the therapist prescribed exercises right in their own home.

How do I use a WhisperSLYDE®?

WhisperSLYDE®’s YouTube channel is the vehicle for finding all of the exercise protocols for physical therapy or fitness. There are playlists showing complete exercise programs for various areas of the body, as well as a complete library of individual exercises.

Can I get a handbook of exercises?

Sure, all exercises are available in pdf document format by clicking here.

How much does WhisperSLYDE® weigh? Is it portable?

The base unit weighs 14 lb and is designed to be highly portable for home therapists to bring into patients homes on a routine daily basis, or for fitness buffs to bring to their workout or yoga classes.

How many tension bands do I need?

Every exercise will be different and may require different resistance.  Bands are applied to build up as much or as little resistance as you feel necessary.  White bands give 5 lb of resistance and blue bands give 7 lb.  Make sure you always have at least 2 bands in use in case 1 breaks during use.

What are the CPT billing codes for WhisperSLYDE therapies?

CPT billing codes can be found here.

What if a tension band breaks?

The tension bands are made from medical grade therapy band material and have a 3 to 1 stretch ratio.  They are designed to withstand around 3000-5000 cycles.  Bands should be rotated regularly to maximize useful life, and the white bands should always go on top of the blue bands.  If a band gets to the end of its useful life, simply replace it with a band from the storage bobbins.  Order new bands here when you need more.

How do I know what exercises to do?

If you are under medical care, your doctor or therapist will advise you on which exercises and tensions to use.  If you are not under medical care or you use WhisperSLYDE® for fitness, check out the wide array of exercise programs available on our YouTube channel, or check out our fitness and physical therapy overview videos.